Meet Sean and Harry


     Sean Andros is tired -- tired of hustling, tired of trying to make the rent, tired of running from his past.                                                                             

     But the past can chase you down in a heartbeat.  Suddenly Sean’s living a nightmare again and the casualties are stacking up around him.  The only person he can trust is Harry, a man twice his age and the closest thing to a friend Sean has ever known.  Harry Connors has loved Sean since their first night together, and now, with danger hard at their heels, Harry will do anything to protect the tough, strangely vulnerable young man who begs him for help.    

     Harry had better be serious about offering protection, though, because the demons threatening Sean’s life are no joke.  Only a hard winter rain will wash away the evil that drove Sean Andros to the streets, and Sean and Harry are going to have to be strong if they plan on sticking around for the sun.




             by John Inman





Where Dreams

Come True...

Release Date

March 5, 2012


And then I decided to write a comedy.  And SHY was born.  It not only hit the bestseller lists for both Amazon and Dreamspinner Press, but was selected to be used in the curriculum at a large Midwestern university in the -- get this -- senior philosophy class!  How astonishing is that?  And by the way, the talented Paul Richmond did the artwork for the cover.  His images were perfect for the story!  What a talented artist he is!

         Meet Tom and Frank

   Meet Charlie and Barney

Taking a break from novels, I thought I would try a short story and a novella next -- great fun!  The following two pieces came out in early 2013.  I was lucky enough to have my short story, LOVING AGAIN, included in the Dreamspinner SNOW ON THE ROOF ANTHOLOGY.  Fifteen tales of love for the man over forty.  (Some of them WAY over forty.)

Meet Charlie and Bobby

Next came my first novella.  A comic zombie spoof titled


Once again, Paul Richmond created the cover.  Campy, huh?

SHY was so much fun to write I decided another comedy was in order.  And what do you know, along came my third bestseller, LOVING HECTOR.  So......

Meet Dill and Hector

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              And Watch for             

           **   PAULIE  **

     A New Romantic Comedy


                John Inman



           Dreamspinner Press

                ....where dreams come true.

Having all kinds of fun with comedies, I asked myself, why not write another?  So, I did.  This time I thought I’d make it kind of   scary too.  Scary’s always good.  Especially when you combine it with a little bit of sexy.  So what did we get?                  



                Meet Danny and Luke

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It had been a while since I wrote a romantic thriller, so I thought I’d try my hand at it again.

Using my own neck of the woods as a backdrop Jasper’s Mountain was born.  It was published in August 2013 through Dreamspinner Press.

So without further ado---

     Meet Jasper and Timmy

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And now it was time for me to get back to romantic comedy.  There is a lovely old apartment building perched on a hill in downtown San Diego, and I had always wanted to center a story around it.  I got my chance with SERENADING STANLEY.  This is the story that prompted my editor, Andi, to call me a true romantic.  I loved that.


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Hold onto your hats for my next comedy.     Nothing says romance and fun like a clothing optional  reunion of old college buddies.  Throw a little love into the mix, add a La Jolla mansion, a horny houseboy, and lots and lots of liquor and it makes for an interesting story indeed.

   Meet Paulie and Ben

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And now it’s time to toss a little spookiness

in with the humor.  Romantic comedies always go down better with a bit of horror mixed in, don’t you think?  Horror, ghosts,

dead bodies.  Stuff like that.

Meet Jason and Sam

Sometimes our very worst enemy turns out to be ourself.  When that happens, the quest for happiness can be a confusing and heart wrenching battle.  Join me in the story of Gordon Stafford, who finds himself waging that very fight -- and against all odds, finding love in the process.

  Meet Gordon and Squirt

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Since Serenading Stanley was so well-received and well-loved by readers, I thought we would take another trip to the seedy side of town and the incomparable Belladonna Arms apartment building for a few more laughs, and maybe this time even a few tears....

    Meet Harlie and Milan

             And from a brand new publishing house --

         DSP Publications

          I’m proud to present my first novel of horror!

            **     WILLOW MAN  **

               Bloody, gory, sexy, funny, scary as hell -- this one has everything!  Romance, murder, kids, you name it.  For your reading pleasure (and to scare the pants off you) I’d like you to meet ----------


And now it’s time for a little suspense.  I’m really proud of this one.  PAYBACK takes place, as most of my books do, in my hometown of San Diego, Ca.  So tell me, what would you do if an act of violence took everything away from you that you loved and held dear?  Would you strike back?  Would you find a way to get even?

           Meet Tyler and Chris

               Coming Soon                     

   My erotic romance from DSP


        And before I forget --




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Barnes & Noble, DSP Publications,

And anywhere fine books are sold.

          Yep, that’s me.

Sometimes a love story just cries out for eroticism.  That is what happened when I started writing CHASING THE SWALLOWS.  Somehow the story of David Ayres and Arthur Smith needed more than simple romance.  It needed heat.

     Meet David and Arthur

Follow David and Arthur through the telling of their love story -- from youth ---

---to old age.  What a journey they take together!

And now it’s time for a good old-fashioned ghost story!  You have to lose yourself in one of those every now and then.  Come meet Jim Brandon, who has just bought a new house high in the San Diego Mountains.  Meet his ex-lover Michael and their friends who come for the housewarming party -- and meet the dead serial killer and his victims who haven’t decided to vacate the premises quite yet! Brrrr!!!

     Meet Jim and Michael

Nine Mile might be a fictitious name for the setting in this novel but it is exactly the type of small town I grew up in.

Inflicting a series of murders into this bucolic setting was my way of exposing both the simple beauty and the cruelty to be found in such places.  Add a few splashes of humor and a heated love affair and you end up with Sunset Lake, perhaps my favorite of all my stories.

      Meet Brian and Sam

Time for the third installment of my bestselling series chronicling the lives and loves of those crazy-ass tenants of the Belladonna Arms.  God, I love these people.  And don’t you just loooove this sexy cover by cover artist Aaron Anderson.  Wow.

     Meet Barney and Ramon